Our Llamas

Llamas are peaceful and sociable herbivores; they are intelligent and love to interact with other species.
Llamas belong to the camelid family. They first became domesticated in South America 5000 years ago.

They’re between 1 and 1.2m tall. Although they are not strong enough for riding, they can carry hikers’ belongings on mountain treks.
Contrary to popular belief, they don’t spit on humans! Llamas use their saliva only to communicate with one another.

We have 10 llamas and 2 alpacas at the Courcelles-sous-Moyencourt Castle. They are well-trained, so you will have a lovely time with them!
Each llama has its own personality: Dream is very affectionate, Kuzco always likes to go first when we walk in the garden in a group and Zonie loves to pose for pictures!

Pictures by Emmanuel Commeine et Lamas du Parc

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