Come and visitour Castle and … its llamas!

Enjoy an original familyday outin Picardy!

There is something for everyone:
1. Meet our Llamas.
2. Discover our gardens.
3. Admire the classical architecture of the XVIIIth century Castle.

There’s plenty of room for kids to run and play freely!

Even if it rains, there is still plenty to do!


Plan d'accès lamas du parc, Château de Courcelles-sous-Moyencourt

The Courcelles-sous-Moyencourt Castle is in Somme near Amiens, in the middle of Picardy.
It was originally built for ceremonial hunting and important meetings, but visitors are now welcome to visit this unique place.


portail classé lamas du parc, Château de Courcelles-sous-MoyencourtCome and enjoy a moment outdoors with your family, learn more about the history of the Castle and meet our adorable llamas.

notre jeune Zonie et ses damas lamas du parc, Château de Courcelles-sous-Moyencourt

The Castle had a farm with lots of animals, such horses, cows, sheep and wild deer. Now, we have llamas!
They are cute and very friendly.

pont de l'arboretum lamas du parc, Château de Courcelles-sous-MoyencourtNorth America, Oceania, Asia … all these continents are represented in our garden and each tree has managed to grow in Picardy. Some of the trees are more than50m tall! You can also see massive shrubs, the river, bridges, green alleys, the cave…

The Courcelles-sous-Moyencourt Castle and its team proudly invite you to discover their heritage. Please visit our other pages to discover our open hours, prices and commodities.

Pictures by Emmanuel Commeine and Lamas du Parc

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