The Castle

Pierre Langlois de Septenville, who was one of the king’s administrative officers, ordered the construction of the Castle in 1751.

The Castle and its gate are listed as part of our national heritage. It is surrounded by majestic chestnut trees, catalpas and wellingtonias.

This imposing building has 100 doors and windows, giving it a great sense of elegance.

It was built from a range of materials including decorative brick and slate, and hasn’t changed since its construction; it now stands as it was in the XVIIIth century.

The Castle had few owners. They were barons, lords or military officers… All of them took care of the Castle and worked to preserve it.

Your guide will tell you about the castle’s history and willshow youthe French gardens, to discover the beautiful grounds full of listed buildings, including the stable, kennel and dovecote…You will for sure be amazed!

Pictures by Emmanuel Commeine and Lamas du Parc

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