Opening hours and prices

Opening hours

Summer time (from Monday to Friday in July and September, 1pm-7pm, last entrance 5:30pm)


  • Price:

Adults (over 15 years old): € 4
Children (over 5 years old): € 3
Children (less 5 years old) free

  • Groups:

Open everyday from February to October (depending on the weather), by reservation


Groups between 5 and 14 people all the year:

50€ for 5 people, plus 5€ per additionnal people

Groups with 15 people and more :

You choose 1, 2 of 3 of our activities (1hour each): meeting, peting and walk our llamas / discover our Castle and visit honor rooms / wonderful walk in our park with 200 years old trees, coming from all around the world

  • 1 activity (1h) : 5€ per person
  • 2 activities (2h) : 7€ per person
  • 3 activities (3h) : 10€ per person

Pictures by Emmanuel Commeine

If you want more details, have question or ask for a price, please contact us:

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